Fortnite Championship Series: Declared the Birth of a New Championship

During the final stages of this current end of the week’s Fortnite World Cup and the serious wanders aimlessly that occurred on stage, Epic Games took the time to declare the birth of Fortnite Champions Series (or FCS).

The Fortnite Champions Series will be founded on an online ladder system that will consider the performance of the players.

The new competition, apparently, “will only be a taste of what is to come” with respect to the future Epic Games fight royale competitive scene.

The FCS will begin related to Season X, which starts today, August first. In May, Overwatch League official Nate Nanzer left Activision Blizzard to join Epic Games, where he is currently overseeing the eSport side of Fortnite. Epic Games, everyone should not forget, has obtained Psyonix and, hence, likewise the related eSport infrastructure committed to Rocket League.

The way that the new Fortnite championship is called “Championship Series” does not appear to be a case. Epic Games, as everyone probably knows, has been relying on giving around 100 million during the first competitive year. Right now the accounts stop at around 71 million.

In this way, the Fortnite Champions Series (notwithstanding some different events not yet reported) could put the rest on the plate.

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