From A College Dropout To Becoming One Of The Top Social Media Influencers, Meet Jose Arias From New York

Arias lays out the ways through which young social media marketing entrepreneurs can convert the Instagram audience into customers.

Instagram has been so far one of the most hit social media platforms amongst all whether it is the businesses, brands or social media marketers. This is because Instagram provides a great platform for creativity to flow with the possibility to showcase not just pictures, but also videos and this is something that really appeals to the eyes of the audiences. However, to make a business a hit, marketers and brands must know how to convert these audiences into customers. Jose Arias is one amongst those leading social media marketers from the US, who knows which route to go about in making this possible. Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models.

He suggests specific ways through which entrepreneurs can transform the Instagram audience into customers that in turn, increase the conversion rates for brands.

  • Include a great call to action (CTA) in posts: Just showing the audience what you offer and what you are good at will not attract them to you. After putting the content, Instagram gives a lot of space to include other details which can show them the steps they need to take next, suggests Arias. By using active language on the post, include a solid call to action (CTA) in the post to turn browsers into buyers.
  • Reward followers: Rewarding followers for the actions they take on your post and make a purchase is of utmost importance, believes Arias. Placing discount offers smartly, with creative content and accurate hashtags lead to more engagement and hence to more conversions. Give away promo codes for their purchases; this attracts people more to make a purchase from you next time as well.
  • Keep contests: The current cool thing on Instagram is running contests. People participate in it to win great prizes, and this makes them enter your page and lead to more conversions and increase sales numbers, says Arias.
  • Share stories of people’s appreciation of your brand: When people share stories and posts of your brands to appreciate you, proudly share it with others on your story feature to let others know the appreciation and praises you receive. Arias says that this has a significant impact on the minds of others who see it and motivates them to buy from you.

Arias hails from Bronx, New York and spent his childhood days in Dallas, Texas. He studied from Allen high school and was a college dropout. However, not losing hope, he started working while in his teens and grew to be one of the top social media marketing entrepreneurs of New York today. He is also the creator of some of the quirkiest and the most successful meme pages on Instagram including @dawg and @investments. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Romy Johnson is a Canadian based, Indian Entrepreneur, Educationist, and Businessman who owns companies like Xaare, Fames Media, British India Academy and Cool Gurus. He also is the founder and CEO of these companies. Jose Arias, the famous social media marketer and influencer, was interviewed by Romy. Follow Romy to know more about him on Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.

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