From A Technician to Vocal Artists. A Quick Tour On Mr. Norris’ Life

Meet rising star Josh Norris, the CEO of Kama Muta, with nearly 20k Instagram followers. He is a quiet, reserved individual who works behind the scenes. Josh Norris has spent the last ten years as a technician, travelling the world with a variety of well-known artists.

He is holistic in nature, and his primary goal is to establish charitable organisations to help people all over the world who are in need of assistance, chance, and relief. Aside from that, as an artist, he has some bizarre dreams, one of which is to be a pilot.

He has a soothing voice that can ease one’s bit that they won’t even deem to blow. A guitar perfectionist that assures to savor you with each lovely note.

Josh Norris is achieving a large social media following on a daily basis because of his exceptional guitar skills as well as having a gentle nature.

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