Honda’s Recently Released Elevate SUV and City Sedan Are Now Offering Huge Savings

Honda has released appealing promotions on a number of its well-liked vehicles, such as the recently released Elevate SUV and the well-known City and Amaze sedans. The goal of these short-term incentives is to increase sales in March 2024.

Honda Elevate:

  • All variations are eligible for a cash discount of up to Rs 50,000; the exact amount of the discount will depend on the model selected.
  • The Elevate is not eligible for corporate discounts or exchange bonuses.

Honda’s mid-size SUV, the Elevate, has been selling well, with monthly sales statistics of about 4,000 units. It offers a well-balanced ride and handling experience in addition to a cosy and roomy cabin.

Driven by a 1.5-liter petrol engine that produces 121 horsepower, the Elevate is a competitor in a market dominated by the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Hyundai Creta. The range of prices (ex-showroom) is Rs 11.58 lakh to Rs 16.20 lakh.

Honda City:

Depending on the model, customers can select between free accessories worth up to Rs 32,196 or a cash discount of up to Rs 30,000.

  • In addition, there are loyalty bonuses of Rs 4,000, corporate bonuses of up to Rs 20,000, and exchange bonuses of up to Rs 15,000.
  • A special edition bonus of up to Rs 36,500 is available with the Elegant trim.
  • An extended warranty (fourth and fifth years) worth Rs 13,651 is provided for VS and ZX trims.

The 1.5-liter petrol engine of the City, which is renowned for its dependability, practicality, and pleasant ride, is shared by the Elevate. The ex-showroom pricing range for this well-liked car is between Rs 11.71 lakh and Rs 16.19 lakh. It’s crucial to remember that the hybrid versions of the City are not eligible for these discounts.

Honda Amaze:

Depending on the model, there can be a cash discount of up to Rs 35,000 or free accessories worth up to Rs 41,653.

  • In addition, there are loyalty bonuses up to Rs 4,000, business bonuses up to Rs 20,000, and exchange bonuses up to Rs 10,000.
  • A unique edition benefit of up to Rs 30,000 is available with the Elite trim.

The Amaze is a compact sedan with a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 90 horsepower. It is renowned for its roomy interior, easy ride, and smooth exterior.

Despite not having a CNG option and having some issues with noise insulation, the Amaze is still a competitive alternative for its class. The range of prices (ex-showroom) is Rs 7.16 lakh to Rs 9.92 lakh.

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