Toyota Creates a Genuine Pokemon Motorcycle, the Miraidon

Many brands have promoted the Game Freak property ever since the first Pokemon games were released. McDonald’s served Happy Meals with a Pokemon theme, All Nippon Airways had a jet devoted to the Game Freak games, and the Tohoku region of Japan had a train devoted to the franchise. Even though the series is about 30 years old, people’s passion for it hasn’t changed much over time. Other automakers including Mini and Smart have produced automobiles specifically for the series, in addition to the Lugia PT Cruiser and Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle. Toyota has created a motorbike that resembles the legendary Pokemon Miraidon, drawing inspiration from Scarlet and Violet.

Three pictures of a brand-new Miraidon Toyota, purportedly from a rock climbing facility, were recently published by Reddit user LordDremy. Beside a metal stool, the motorcycle is positioned on G-Flooring of commercial quality. To keep people from approaching the motorbike too closely, the surrounding area is roped off. Like the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendary, Miraidon has legs that flank the back wheel and arms that rest close to the front wheel where its chin rests. The Pokemon’s eyes are lit by what appear to be LED lights, and the motorbike framing replicates the jet engines of its propulsion system. Within the glossy blue paint job, some of the motorcycle’s parts have a light purple sheen, and the metallic internals are visible close to the limb.

Does This Toyota Pokemon Motorcycle Work?

The motorcycle, known as the Toyota Engineering Society Miraidon Project, is strikingly similar to the legendary Pokemon. Given that Toyota does not currently produce motorcycles, this may indicate future directions for the brand. The motorbike chassis is similar to others in many ways, but the wheels are different. They don’t appear to revolve smoothly because of their flat bottom. It’s possible that the wheels are only promotional in nature and weren’t intended to withstand the high speeds that Miraidon can attain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region. Other features of the motorcycle might not represent the Pokemon, since Miraidon is also able to fly.

Another company might decide to use Koraidon as inspiration for a different model, since the Toyota motorbike reflects the Scarlet and Violet Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon. The practice of creating vehicles influenced by the Pokemon series might continue if new games are revealed.

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