How to become a YouTuber? Canadian professional musician Kourosh Zarandooz talks about the details of how to be a successful YouTuber.

I have been interested in playing and playing since I was a child, and since I started playing the electric guitar as my first instrument at the age of 12, I have always been loved by my family and friends. After recording a series of clips from me, I decided I set up my own account on YouTube and published my own clips, which thanks to my audience and fans, I was able to become a successful YouTube user in addition to music and music.

As many viewers gradually become carefree about television and other traditional entertainment methods, they turn to social networks, online channels, and so on.

YouTube has attracted millions of active users who watch more than 4 billion videos a day, which is just over 6 billion hours a month.

Successful YouTuber should make the most of this space.

YouTube users, meanwhile, play a key role in increasing the use of YouTube, as they attract a wide range of audiences by placing video and engaging content on the network.

The dependence that today’s users have on YouTubers makes the videos they share always popular, and this can be an opportunity for brand owners to showcase their products and services.

Many YouTubers advertise other brands in different ways. For example, videos of reviewing a product from the beginning of purchasing and unpacking that product or presenting experiences of using the products in the video and… are included. Such videos have a higher return on investment for the winners as they pursue a concept beyond a simple advertisement, which is why the winners try to introduce their services through these people.

On the other hand, at the beginning of YouTube videos, ads are aired, so YouTube gives YouTube a portion of the advertising revenue.

You can become a successful YouTuber by doing the above.

Define your definition of success and remember it.

    Expand your channel content and goals.

    Work on the details of your plan.

    Make sure your channel page is attractive and check for feedback.

    Also consider the SEO of your channel.

    Keep working and don’t give up.

    Take a step towards your goal.

    Keep working with your specialty.

    Manage your communication with users well.

    Advertise through a popular website.

    Experience statistics and data.

I hope you also succeed on YouTube with the advice of Mr. Kourosh Zarandouz.

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