In 2023, Notre Dame Will Take On Seven Candidates For The Biletnikoff Award

The watch list for the Biletnikoff Grant came out Monday. Seven of the 49 players selected for the equipment that goes to the best beneficiary in school football play in groups Notre Woman needs to look in 2023.

Here are those players and what they’ve achieved to this point in their particular vocations. Players are requested sequentially founded on when Notre Lady plays the groups they suit up for.

NC State WR Bradley Rozner
Class: Graduate understudy (move from Rice)
Level, weight: 6-5, 204
Profession measurements: 101 gatherings, 1,676 getting yards, 15 scores
2022 insights: 44 gatherings, 876 getting yards, 10 scores
Outstanding: Rozner played in the lesser school positions at Cisco School in Texas prior to spending the last four seasons at Rice. He has never played against Notre Woman.

Ohio State WR Emeka Egbuka
Class: Junior
Level, weight: 6-1, 206
Profession measurements: 83 gatherings, 1,342 getting yards, 10 scores
2022 insights: 74 gatherings, 1,151 getting yards, 10 scores
Prominent: Egbuka had nine gets for 90 yards and a score in Ohio State’s 21-10 season-opening win over Notre Woman in Columbus last September. Egbuka likewise surged multiple times for 87 yards and two scores in 2022.

Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr.
Class: Junior
Level, weight: 6-4, 205 pounds
Profession insights: 88 gatherings, 1,402 getting yards, 14 scores
2022 insights: 77 gatherings, 1,263 getting yards, 14 scores
Outstanding: Harrison Jr. was a finalist for the Biletnikoff Grant in 2022. Tennessee’s Jalin Hyatt brought back home the prize. Harrison Jr. started the year with five gets for 56 yards in the season opener versus Notre Woman. The Irish kept him under wraps for his fourth-most obviously awful getting yards all out of the time.

Duke WR Jalon Calhoun
Class: Graduate understudy
Level, weight: 5-11, 191
Profession measurements: 203 gatherings, 2,360 getting yards, 13 scores
2022 insights: 62 gatherings, 873 getting yards, 4 scores
Striking: Calhoun has gone facing Notre Lady two times. He had three gets for 11 yards when the Irish beat the Blue Demons 38-7 of every 2019. He had 5 gets for 62 yards when Notre Lady beat Duke 27-13 in the 2020 season opener.

Louisville WR Jamari Whip
Class: Graduate understudy (Georgia State move)
Level, weight: 6-0, 180
Profession insights: 104 gatherings, 1,752 getting yards, 12 scores
2022 insights: 61 gatherings, 1,122 getting yards, 7 scores
Prominent: Whip bested 130 getting yards in a solitary game multiple times in 2022, including a high-water sign of 213 versus Charlotte on Sept. 17.

USC WR Dorian Artist
Class: Junior (Arizona move)
Level, weight: 6-0, 180
Profession insights: 84 gatherings, 1,406 getting yards, 6 scores
2022 insights: 66 gatherings, 1,105 getting yards, 6 scores
Striking: Vocalist obscured a solitary game getting yards complete of 140 yards multiple times in 2022. He had nine gets for 176 yards and a score in his most impressive performance of the time, a 31-20 Wildcats misfortune to Washington State.

USC WR Tahj Washington
Class: Graduate understudy (Memphis move)
Level, weight: 5-10, 175
Vocation measurements: 150 gatherings, 2,162 getting yards, 13 scores
2022 statstics: 50 gatherings, 785 getting yards, 6 scores
Eminent: Washington is in his third season with USC. Last year, he had three gets for 34 yards and a score in USC’s 38-27 triumph over Notre Woman in the customary season finale.

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