A24 Has Ordered ‘Talk to Me 2’, the Follow-Up To The Popular Horror Film!

Coordinated by siblings Danny and Michael Philippou, the thriller Converse with Me has found a great $26 million overall for A24 in the a long time, and Ridiculous Sickening has realized this midday that a spin-off is now coming!

Danny and Michael Philippou will get back to guide Converse with Me 2 for A24! The Australian team started out with the famous YouTube channel RackaRacka, sent off back in 2013.

Danny Philippou is composing the screenplay with Bill Hinzman (Converse with Me).

Converse with Me was made on a revealed creation financial plan of just $4.5 million, which the film had the option to procure back in its most memorable day of delivery. A24 gained the film out of Sundance for a revealed “high seven figures,” and it seems as though that bet is taking care of big time for them.

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The severe dread of Converse with Me unfurls when “a gathering of companions find how to invoke spirits utilizing a treated hand; they become snared on the new rush until one of them goes excessively far and releases startling otherworldly powers.” Sophia Wilde, Miranda Otto, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Djanji, and Zoe Terakes star in the A24 awfulness hit.

In her Sundance audit for BD, Meagan Navarro expressed, “Converse with Me conveys an extreme, awful blood and gore flick that will amaze you.” Her survey proceeded, “There’s an invigorating mercilessness to this wake up call that plays like a flood of adrenaline; it makes for one amazing prologue to Danny and Michael Philippou’s kind of loathsomeness.”

It’s intriguing to take note of that the Philippou siblings previously shot some sort of prequel to the stunning opening grouping of Converse with Me, yet we couldn’t say whether/when that will be delivered.

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