India Launch of Toyota’s Mini Fortuner Is Expected This Year

Toyota has formally declared that it is creating a new tough SUV that it intends to market as a more affordable and compact version of the well-liked Fortuner. Later this year, it is expected that this innovative new model will go on sale worldwide, with Thailand being the first country to gain from its launch.

This forthcoming SUV will share its base and powertrain options with the recently announced Toyota Hilux Champ pickup truck. It may be called the Toyota FJ Cruiser or Land Cruiser FJ. Both cars are based on the IMV 0 platform, which has a long history of serving as the basis for well-known models including the Fortuner, Innova, and Hilux.

With the addition of premium features, the next SUV will maintain the boxy, retro appearance of the Hilux Champ, which has a single-cab configuration and customisable options. The new SUV is anticipated to accommodate a variety of customer demands by providing both two- and three-row seating arrangements. It shares a 2,750mm wheelbase with the Innova Crysta and Fortuner.

The practical layout of the Hilux Champ will be borrowed into the inside design, but there will be substantial improvements. This includes a larger touchscreen infotainment system, a variety of cutting-edge technological features, and the use of better materials.

In addition to the 2.7-liter petrol engine now found in the Indian Fortuner, the new SUV may be equipped with diesel engines ranging from 2.4 to 2.8 litres thanks to the versatility of the IMV 0 platform.

As the C-SUV project, codenamed 340D, was just cancelled, analysts think this smaller Fortuner SUV would make sense for the Indian market. Furthermore, an easy launch might be facilitated by the IMV platform’s current infrastructure, which has been localised for almost 20 years in India.

There appears to be room for a less expensive option between the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner, since the Fortuner’s on-road costs can reach over Rs 60 lakh in certain Indian cities. Even if the commercial case seems strong, Toyota still has the final say over whether to release this SUV in India.

Although the car is expected to be introduced in the USA, Europe, and Japan, among other important international markets, it is still quite doubtful that it will reach India. This is a result of Toyota’s current concentration on vehicles that are derived from Suzuki in order to increase market share and volume in India.

However, given the strong demand for SUVs in India, we believe this SUV would be a great fit for the Indian market. Additionally, Toyota will be able to enter the very competitive mid-sized SUV market in India with this vehicle, which is positioned below the Fortuner but above the Urban Cruiser Hyryder (a Maruti Grand Vitara badge-engineered vehicle).

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