Meet Anirudh Singh Rathore, an enthusiastic 20 years young businessman from Rajasthan.

Meet Anirudh Singh Rathore, a 20 year young businessman from kishangarh of Ajmer district, Rajasthan, India. Anirudh is enthusiastic and youthful businessman who owns hotels and mines and also pursuing BCOM. He is all set to overtake several businesses industries. Anirudh like to explore new things. Even though seldom does it occur that someone so young gets into business but Anirudh is determined to do so. There is a lot of learning required to run a business successfully as it is hefty task to own hotels and mines and run it smoothly. especially for a mere 20 year old boy.

Anirudh has worked very hard to reach this point of success so early in his lifetime as dealing with clients, handling situation and taking tough/big decision is not an easy task. Apart from business, Anirudh is also dedicated and serious towards his study. His strong willpower and the capability to make the right decisions at the right time and also being responsible and sensible business persona will take him the heights better than most other people. It is his dedication towards business that put his name on the global stage for young entrepreneurs. With this, we wish Anirudh good luck in his future business plan.

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