Now available at a reasonable price is the Galaxy Watch 6

With a significant 22% discount, Amazon is now offering the 44mm Galaxy Watch 6, a smartwatch powered by Wear OS 4 from Samsung, for just £249, down from its original £319 list price.

When compared to similarly priced alternatives like the TicWatch Pro 5 and the Pixel Watch 2, the price of each yearly refresh of the Samsung Galaxy Watches has been steadily rising since the Galaxy Watch 4. Despite this, the Galaxy Watch 6 is still a great watch.

But now since it’s only £249, the Galaxy Watch 6 is significantly more inexpensive than its rivals, making it a clear choice for anyone looking for a fashionable, upscale wearable with lots of amazing fitness capabilities.

As previously said, the Galaxy Watch 6 software is as future-proof as they come since it includes the most recent Wear OS 4 upgrade from Google.

Samsung’s emphasis on fitness and health, however, is what really sets the Watch 6 apart from the competition. First off, you can track a lot of workouts with this device, and the heart rate data is fairly precise when compared to other heart rate monitors, so you can see how your body is responding to different exercises.

With the help of the accompanying BioActive sensor, you can take a more comprehensive look at your health by performing a full body scan, which can reveal important metrics like your BMI rate and skeletal muscle with surprisingly good accuracy.

Everything comes together because of how fantastic the gadget looks for a contemporary smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 6 is actually eye-catching, in contrast to the industrial aesthetic provided by TicWatch and the (let’s be honest) dated form factor that Apple has been utilizing for far too long.

The large selection of vibrant watch faces and the thin bezels that encircle the screen also contribute to this.

At this discounted price, the Galaxy Watch 6 is an obvious winner for anyone looking for a reliable fitness tracker to use at the gym or as a fashionable wristlet.

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