Pokemon Go! Halloween Event Is Now Underway

Halloween is here! It is time for children and adults to dress up in spooky outfits and have fun. Halloween brings with it the excitement of celebrating the event with your loved ones. Families and friends gather together in scary outfits and threaten each other. Old people keep sweets and treat in their baskets for the children. It is a heart-warming time of the year that allows people to share the love and keep the family-friendly spirit alive.

To make the event more memorable, there are dozens of video games that come up with a Halloween event in their games. With the temporary updates, you get to enjoy the season while playing Halloween theme video games. Naturally, these games come with spooky masks and costumes for the characters. It feels good to be in control of the spooky characters and horror heroes. The Halloween bonuses give you daring controls and greatest strengths.

The games also come with Halloween-inspired backgrounds. You can run an update and reflect the aura of the season. If you really are feeling excited about the Halloween theme games, you should play the popular game Pokemon Go in this spooky season. The game comes with spooky characters that terrify the players and keeps their interest in the Halloween season.

Pokemon Go is also available for mobile users. The game was launched in July 2016. The developers of the game keep on upgrading the game. They offer you characters with different costumes and weapons. This is the most revenue grossed game in the history of the gaming industry. The usage of the game has always been at its peak

The developers of the game are celebrating the event by introducing attractive Halloween masks and themes. They allow you to make the game playing session even more exciting. There are unique avatars that come with different upgrades. There is a shiny Pokemon introduced in the game. Players have to look for this scary shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon allows you to celebrate Halloween with your loved ones in a great way. You are able to keep the spirit of the occasion alive while playing the Halloween theme event. There are ghosts and wild Pokemon Dark-Types in the game players will notice. Not only these creatures would look scary and spooky but you will also find them cute and alluring.

A few costumes which are available for the spooky season are:

  • Pikachu dressed as Mimikyu
  • Squirtle dressed as Yamask
  • Charmander dressed as Cubone
  • Bulbasaur dressed as Shedinja

Throughout the season the game offers you candy treats and bonuses. You can collect, hatch and transfer candies. An interesting thing about the game is that the Halloween candy and treats upgrades are available only for the Halloween season. However, players can purchase them for an indefinite period of time if they are interested to keep them for long. If you don’t want to purchase them, you can still use them in the Halloween season and make the most out of the Halloween theme.

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