Rapper YungK Spits Heavy On “My Time”

How many rappers can rap about things like clubbing, a plethora of women, cars, and a business that they own at the age of 18? Well, that’s debatable however YungK does and does it well. On “My Time”, he spits about the things that he lives and does so in a very brash and confident way. This song comes at an interesting time being that summer is coming to an end but this seems to be the snowball turning into an avalanche for YungK.

Throughout the song, YungK raps about things 18 years wish they had. He has it. So mix that with a clothing line and fun trap beats, and you’ve got YungK. The reason why this is a bit more interesting than just any 18-year-old rapper, is because it isn’t violence ridden and about pill popping. It’s fun and catchy but can be sustained at a higher level than some of the music that comes out. Kids west of Pico Boulevard will be blasting this from their BMW’s and Mercedes Benz because he represents more than just a rapper. It’s almost like how Drake was a mixed kid from Canada who rapped specifically about things that pertained to him. YungK is following that model but with his own twist. Women, women, women, plus fly cars will always be appealing but it is interesting to see where YungK takes his momentum and runs with it. You can check out “My Time” on all DSP’s.

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