Shohreh Ghamar : The busy world of acting

Acting is a world full of excitement and variety in which many ways to succeed are recommended. In this article, in a compact form, we introduce some of the most important recommended and tested methods for you.

1. Remember that auditioning, choosing a role and hiring an actor is not a science, but an art.

2. Every actor cannot play every role. You need to know what roles you can handle and what roles you cannot perform. You also need to know what you want to do.

. Most acting opportunities are made or lost in auditions. That’s why audition classes should be taken seriously and followed professionally. It should be remembered that the rules of this profession change every year!

4. Take the audition seriously. Keep in mind that when you audition for a role, you’re auditioning for your entire career.

5. You have to make the time you audition the best moment of your day. Remember how many people are sitting and watching you play. The fear of taking the test should become a motivation to beat the time.

6. Directors want you to be able to handle the role they have in mind for you, so get all the necessary preparations in advance to shine.

7. If during a business conversation, you heard the phrase “the script is available” and did not ask for a copy, know that you have made a big mistake.

8. A famous director says: “The fact is that I choose many of my actors from their voice recordings.” Therefore, take electronic auditions on websites and virtual media seriously.

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