Stankevicius MGM ending Q4 with a launch of a new media product

Stankevicius MGM, PR and advertising company is launching its first tech product in Q4, 2019. The company aims to disrupt the PR industry by improving the way how public relations are conducted today.

According to Stankevicius MGM, public relations are the most vital aspect for every company because PR is the heart of marketing. It’s the way how brand is being seen by the public. Being able to control that and influence how public see and judge the brand is power which only public relations can create. While advertising is crucial and very important, PR is still more efficient because its more genuine and less promotional.

Stankevicius MGM launches a media platform called Stankevicius Interactive Media. Companies can literally interact with the media by publishing editorial content on various blogs and leading magazines worldwide.

Stankevicius MGM as a PR company has media access globally in every continent. By putting all the access into a single platform, Stankevicius is looking to dominate PR industry and compete directly with leading companies such as PR Newswire.

Some of Stankevicius clients have used PR Newswire and when consulting with clients, and conducting research Stankevicius has uncovered that press releases are not as efficient as press release distributor companies actually claim. On the other hand, editorial content is much more powerful and influential, and that is what Stankevicius aims to provide as the primary service through the Stankevicius Interactive Media platform.

The platform is extremely flexible as it allows startups and companies to access global media within many industries worldwide.

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