There are plenty of people in the world who work for the benefit of society through their work and make the world a better place to live. Such people are highly selfless and work in a manner through which they either employ other people of the community or else engage in several beneficial activities for others. One such person is Justin Owens, who became an entrepreneur and is working for the upliftment of the black community.

Justin’s source of Inspiration

Seeing what his parents were able to do with their business and showing him that there is another level, inspired Justin to want to create the same independence for him. He always wanted to be successful and to touch the lives of those around me. Justin found his path throughout entrepreneurship which allowed him to lead others to do better financially. The industry was the vessel that he needed to show black entrepreneurs that they could be successful without having a ball or microphone in their hands. He became the walking testimony for so many individuals that look like him.

Justin describing the modus operandi of his business

Owens wants to change the generalized perspective of the majority of people towards the black community and wants to create numerous opportunities for them in the field of entrepreneurship. He teaches people how to overcome stereotypes, and create their narrative. Over the last 3 1/2 years, he has been teaching people how to invest in digital currency as well as leadership development, and marketing consulting all within that same business. He has been able to be creating and growing a business that grosses 8- figures a year in sales with this concept.

The relevance of Justin’s work for society

Justin’s business helps people because it educates them on areas of their life that they need work on especially in the area of finances, communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and how to get to the right side of money. Owens and his team show people how to earn money through a skill set that can help them generate income without having to exchange their time for money. They have developed over a dozen 6-figure earners in just three and a half years and the goal is to develop 100 chairmen and six-figure traders in 2020. 

Important lessons learned by Justin

Owens states that he has learned to never take his foot off of the gas because there is always another level. Also, he has learned to take advantage of good opportunities as soon as they are presented and get as much as he can from them.

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