The name of HBO Max is reportedly changing once more

According to reports, executives at Warner Bros. Discovery are considering changing the name of its HBO Max streaming service from HBO to HBO Max because they believe that the branding is to blame for the low number of subscriptions. The merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ this spring raises the possibility of a rebranding.

According to Bloomberg and The Wrap, a belief among the top brass that “the HBO name turns off many potential subscribers” led to the name change. The rumored new title? Max. Only Max.

The company has yet to explain why it believes the name is preventing subscribers from signing up.

Depending on your perspective, this will be the streaming service’s third or fourth name change. It has been referred to as HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max thus far. Because altering the second part did not instantly result in everyone’s success, it’s possible that someone now believes that the HBO segment is the source of the issue.

Max (or HBO?) a person with knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg that is getting a number of upgrades, including improved video quality and features that have not been disclosed, for an additional subscription fee of approximately $20 per month. CEO David Zaslav told the power source he expects adding Discovery+ will increment endorsers as the web-based feature contends with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+.

According to The Wrap, HBO’s programming lineup is extremely popular and influential, but it still has millions more subscribers than Netflix and Disney+.

Sazlav said in November during an earnings call that his team was getting ready for the launch and is thinking about making changes “in large part to address some of the deficiencies of the existing platform.”

Discovery+ will keep on working similar to possess web-based feature close by its consolidated presence on HBO Max, possibly bringing 96.1 million paying endorsers additionally have HBO Max, to the stage. At a press event in April, Zaslav is said to make the final announcement regarding any upcoming changes, including the decision regarding HBO Max’s name.

The costs will remain something similar, as indicated by Bloomberg, which presently costs about $15 each month for the promotion free choice and up to $20 each month for the high-layered choice which offers all the more top of the line highlights and a superior video experience.

Speaking about merging Discovery+ with HBO Max, Zaslav told, “These early green shoots bolster our strategic thesis that the two content offerings work well together and when combined, should drive greater engagement, lower churn, and higher customer lifetime value.” Whatever, Zaslav.

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