Yasin Seiwasser: Throwing light on the significance of maintaining great physical and mental health through his art of life program

The leading mental and life coach discusses about his 7-levels program and how it can benefit people.

There have been so many people who have come at the forefront to help and guide others in their journey to attain the peace and mindfulness they seek in life. Some have gone ahead in even sculpting a very strong career for themselves, where their coaching and practices have shown clear improvements in people’s lives. Yasin Seiwasser is one such practitioner and coach whose teaching has totally modified the lives of people for the better, which has also helped them understand its true meaning. This has been possible through Yasin Seiwasser’s years of experience as a Martial Artist and as European Champion in the same and as a practitioner with experience of 30 years, excelling in mind-body techniques meditation, breathing, mental training, self-teaching himself.

Yasin Seiwasser, who began training by the age of eight, grew up to be a man completely in love with martial arts and the idea of the alignment of the body, mind and soul through unique and life-changing training and practices. There is a reason why Yasin Seiwasser holds the world record in defeating the opponent in just three seconds for the title fight and becoming a German champion. He has earned respect and accolades worldwide and has been called to speak for events and train people as a mental and life coach.

Today, he speaks about the 7-levels program under his brand Seiwasser – Art of Life and how it can benefit people and change their lives.

Level 1 starts with Morning workout, where he helps release the energy channels of the person’s entire body. It consists of 12 exercises: awareness strengthening, flexibility exercises, energizing techniques, concentration, positive thinking and feeling, affirmations. Level 2 is Powerful self-awareness, which is about strengthening and energizing the entire body, focusing on body control and self-control. Level 3 is Well-being; it focuses on flexibility, agility and well-being. It includes various flexibility exercises, which are systematically structured and transform the body and mind into a state of lightness and well-being. Level 4 is about Nutrition for body and soul, where people get introduced to the functioning of the conscious and subconscious. Seiwasser’s definition of mindful nutrition consists of Air-breathing, Water-drinking, and food.

Level 5 is about the secret five finger elements, including Hand-Mudras and Jin Shin Jyutsu for controlling the whole system in the body. Level 6 is Waking up the inner energy, for strengthening life energy through various forms of meditation and concentrated movements. And, Level 7 includes Everyday life exercises, where one can apply the diverse training elements 24/7 in everyday life after learning the same.

All of these levels come with a stipulated number of appointments and hours for each appointment and are aimed at making the lives of people better with each level. Yasin Seiwasser has been a trainer for Special Forces and Marines in the US and Brazil. He is also certified in Psychology and hence has been able to better understand people on a deeper level. This has helped him become a much more learned and proficient mental and life coach.

Connect with him now through his website, and Instagram @yasin_seiwasser. Also, follow him on other social media platforms, like YouTube,, Twitter, and Facebook,

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