A book in itself – Profile of Mr. Adarsh Kumar Singh, a young entrepreneur

Adarsh Kumar Singh, a young entrepreneur, a mechanical engineering student and a to be Public Speaker. He believes in the idea of writing, expressing and creating a change: a new constant. Adarsh Kumar Singh an alumnus of Colonel’s Central Academy, currently pursuing his degree in B.Tech M.E., from GD Goenka University. Adarsh Kumar Singh, being an avid all-rounder and someone who truly believes in a sense of hard work and competition, has been part of many competitions during his academic years.

He is someone who was known for his delegating skills and solution formulations while winning a plethora of awards in Model United Nations. Wherein, he started chairing them later and even organised some big conferences in the facilitation of UNICEF. Adarsh Kumar Singh was Blessed with the Student Of The Year Award by USA UNIVQUEST, Kalu Sarai in New Delhi, India. He is a Public Speaking Trainer & Youth Icon aiming towards building a country filled with orators who express their experiences beautifully and even enlighten others with a variety of perspectives using these mediums. He has been an educational consultant to over 55 institutions across India while being dedicated to his passion for education. Moderation is something he enjoys, expounding to which he has moderated numerous Public Speaking Forums & Conferences since 2017.

When we talk about expressing, then expressing one’s own idea in form of a vision for a social enterprise, is what Adarsh Kumar Singh did, while he worked on the Aspirant India Initiative, India’s fastest-growing educational enterprise holding his position as COO & Founder at the organization. He is the one who believes in the vision of imparting quality education and building perspectives in our society by using the unconventional strata of techniques and methods to conduct sessions and training. Showcasing his science-related interests, mathematical modeling, passion for orating and content creation interests, he has added feathers to his cap by achieving various national and international awards. Naming a few, The Best Logician Award in Student Parliament at 20th International Convention on SQC, Sri Lanka; Outstanding National Youth Award by Sunbeam Women’s College, Varanasi; Deming Award for Quality Circle Case Study at 20th International Convention on SQC, Sri Lanka; Special Jury Award for National Extempore Speech at National Psych olympiad, India, etc.

Further to this, he was qualified for the CBSE National Science Exhibition for the project under Mathematical Modelling. Mr. Adarsh Kumar Singh is someone who is on his own journey of analyzing and thinking projects out of thebox. He loves mentoring kids because he believes they are the purest soul who believes in learning. Not only public speaking but also organizing discussions, forums, campaigns, and masterclasses, etc. is what he coins his ideation and content curation around. Every life is a roller coaster ride, and indeed, his life is not only as achievement-oriented as it seems, emotions and growth outstation-ed ups and downs did take place too. The pebbled road is what he has walked on, balancing the odds beautifully.

He is a writer with his own pen name, “Altruist Tard” where he explores, contemplates, finds the hidden and creates a journey of expression. Considering his passion for collecting unique stuff is something that can never go unmentioned, be it of currency or Starbucks Cards. Discussing rhetorics, YouTube videos, standup comedy, and some unheard music artists is what coincides with his interest line. Ever wanting to try interesting and weird food combinations at the same time, contacting him should be a listed priority. His friends describe him as “A real friend, who walks in when the rest of the world walks out” because of his supportive connectionTo be a public speaker and growing entrepreneur….. Article ideated & written by. Khushi Jain

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