CBS News hires Lisa Ling after the cancellation of the CNN documentary series

On Wednesday, CBS News announced that journalist Lisa Ling, who left CNN after the cancellation of her documentary series “This is Life,” has joined the network as a reporter.

Later this summer, Ling, who will be based in Los Angeles, will join CBS. She will write stories for all of the platforms on the network.

“This is Life” included Ling’s vivid storytelling on topics like motorcycle gangs, sex trafficking and gun violence. She did a documentary series on Asian-American history and cuisine for HBO Max last year.

In addition, she was an executive producer and host of “Our America” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, as well as a panelist for three years on “The View” and host of “National Geographic Ultimate Explorer.”

She began her career in journalism as a Channel One News correspondent.

Ling is the most recent in a series of recruits by CBS News President Neeraj Khemlani over the past two years, including Nate Burleson, Scott MacFarlane, Natalie Morales, Robert Costa and Cecilia Vega.

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