WhatsApp will enable Android phones to share screens.

WhatsApp has been consistently adding many new features over the recent years. Probably the greatest features it carried recently are the ability to transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iOS gadgets and the capacity to sign in to a similar WhatsApp account on up to four gadgets. Presently, the organization is dealing with a significant new feature: screen sharing.

WhatsApp is introducing a feature that lets users share the screen of their phone with other people during a video call.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let users share the screen of their smartphone with other people during a video call. This element is now accessible through the Google Play Store to the people who have the most recent beta variant ( of WhatsApp on their Android cell phone. The feature makes it simpler for users to use a video call to show off something from their phone to other people. While doing something on the phone, it can also be used to get assistance from other people.

There is another symbol that shows up at the lower part of the screen during a video call. Subsequent to clicking that symbol, another spring up menu shows up, requesting that you authorization show your telephone’s screen and illuminating you that all the substance on the screen will be noticeable to others on the video call. During the call, you can stop screen sharing by clicking the Stop Sharing button. You have complete control over it.

Google Meet’s Live Sharing feature, which debuted a few years ago, is very similar to this one. Macintosh likewise has a comparative component called SharePlay on gadgets running iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Many users can benefit greatly from WhatsApp’s new screen-sharing feature, particularly children and the elderly who may require assistance with phone tasks.

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