Dr Jonathan Kung suggests a few lifestyle tips that can help people to stay healthy during and after the pandemic

The board-certified Gastroenterologist has pushed his limits and has become well-known as an entrepreneur, athlete, and motivational speaker.

The world that we live in right now is not something that all of us had dreamt a year back. What is today known as a global health pandemic changed many things for many people and businesses. It completely changed the perspectives of people on health and life. This also attracted their attention towards choosing a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Dr Jonathan Kung, who is a board-certified Gastroenterologist, trained in advanced interventional endoscopy is of the opinion that people must focus on many other fitness activities that can help them fight these diseases much better and improve their overall health with a great immune system.

He currently works at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Manhattan as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and has a passion in medicine and improving his patient’s quality of life through setting an example by living an active lifestyle himself, focusing on fitness, expressing himself through the power of fashion, and promoting general physical & mental health wellness. All these things have allowed Dr Jonathan Kung to garner much recognition and respect for his treatments. He is seen as a growing force in the medical field of digestive diseases and gut health, fitness, fashion, and business industries.

Below are a few general tips by him for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during and after the pandemic.

• Stay active: No matter how busy one gets, Dr Jonathan Kung says one must stay active and keep moving to remain healthy in life. Any form of physical activity can help people stay more energetic and active, just like he works out like an athlete.
• Stay away from stress and anxiety: It is essential for staying away from stress and anxiety to stay healthy and fit. Through his journey in advancing in the field of Gastroenterology, Dr Jonathan Kung has discovered the power of strengthening the mind and body. For him, soccer and boxing have helped him push his limits and create an active lifestyle outside his profession, which has allowed him to cope with stress and anxiety.
• Stay connected: Dr Jonathan Kung says that individuals must surround themselves with people with the same purpose and motivation and stay connected with their loves ones. This will help them stay motivated and turn them into more proactive individuals.

His passion for good health and happiness of all his patients, friends, family, and community truly has inspired his personal growth and passion for helping and motivating others, which has turned him into a motivational speaker and traveller. Dr Jonathan Kung has made his own niche combining his passions of fashion, lifestyle and travel and yet promoting a healthy, active lifestyle as the best medicine.

Some of his goals include medical missions, philanthropy, increasing his outreach, growing in the fitness and fashion industry, motivational speaking, medical mentorship and living life to the fullest within and outside of medicine industry.

Gain more inspiration from him and follow him on Instagram @jonny_kay.

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