How to Have Innovative View Toward Opportunities, According to Mohammad Reza Moghadasi

Mohammad Reza Moghadasi, the youngest Iranian entrepreneur is well-reputed for his creative mind and incredible ideas. He is extraordinarily talented in turning needs into opportunities. Most of his numerous businesses are based on this where lots of job opportunities are made. Here, he provides some suggestions on how to have an innovative mind and be creative.

“No one is born with a creative mind” Mohammad Reza claims. Innovation is not something you are born with, but it can be improved over time. To turn to a person with fabulous ideas, he suggests the following items.

Try closed-eye thinking

Some of the businesses I manage at the moment are shaped when I was lying on the bed or resting. I closed my eyes and just let my brain talk to me. It may be funny in the first place, but it happens. In the beginning, just some daily issues would come to my mind, but after trying this strategy for a couple of months, my brain told me some amazing ideas.

Focus on every single need

We always face some obstacles or difficulties in every single moment of our lives and it can be interpreted as a need. Not important how small or big it is, we face a need and a good opportunity for the mind to start its activity for a solution. It after all leads to innovation.

 Dig out individual needs

When facing individuals, ask them about their obstacles or difficulties in everyday life. Congratulations! You got a source to find a solution for and it’s time that your mind gets involved in a brilliant way to innovation.

Look at your surrounding in a different way

No explanation. Time to be creative.

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