MLW delays the July Chicago event because of ‘taping schedule changes’

MLW reported Sunday that their re-visitation of Chicago one month from now has been canceled.

The explanation their July sixteenth card from Cicero Stadium won’t occur is a direct result of “taping schedule changes” because of a few potential improvements in their TV deal.

From their declaration:

“The arena and live event division is revamping the 2022 schedule. Expect some change-ups in the calendar… and surprises on the horizon as business is about to pick up on the television end of the league’s operations.”

No makeup date was reported and tickets have been refunded.

Subsequent to running Philadelphia last month, MLW’s next show – – and their main impending show on the schedule – – is June 23rd’s Battle Riot III from New York City’s Melrose Ballroom. That show will include a 40-man fight imperial with remarkable principles for a future whenever, anyplace took shots at the MLW World title.

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