Singer of ‘Mehmooni’ Nika Falahi To Release New Song Track In 2023

Nika Falahi, the young music sensation of 2022 is planning to release a new single next year. Her song ‘Mehmooni’ which was released last year fetched massive attention from music lovers all over the world.

Nika Falahi is known as the girl with a melodious voice and her music is appreciated by over 3 million followers that she has on Instagram. Other songs of Nika Falahi include Parvaneh, Nafas, Entezar, Valentine, New Wave, Party Summer, and Tehran.

To date, the young singer has NEVER failed to impress the audience with her magical talent. She is a master lyricist, an even better compositionist, and an outstanding singer. Nika Falahi began producing music as a teenager and made it her full time career by the time she reached 20-years of age.

After her initial success on Instagram, Nika Falahi moved to Spotify to give her musical career a professional touch. Her best songs have over a thousand streams on Spotify. You can check them out here.

On YouTube as well, Nika Falahi did not fail to make it big. Her YouTube channel crossed 150k subscribers in a short span of time and was recently granted the prestigious silver play button from YouTube. Her TikTok account has well over a million followers. With so much success at a young age, Nika Falahi is steadfast to accelerate her music career and produce more thrilling and contemporary forms of art for her fans.

The young musician-cum-social media influencer will be releasing a new masterpiece single sometime early in the next year. Fans of Nika Falahi are eagerly waiting for this release as the excitement and anticipation builds up. 

She has been featured on international news publications as the ‘Girl with a Melodious Voice’ and a successful content creator. Nika Falahi was seen on Fab World Today, Entertainment Paper, and Time Bulletin in 2022.

To keep up with the latest updates on her upcoming 2023 song track, follow Nika Falahi on all her social media handles!

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