Taylor Swift Breaks Down in Tears During Her Most Eras Performance, As She Reaches a Major Career Milestone

On her first night in Australia, Taylor Swift performed before her largest concert crowd to date, and she couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional.

On Friday, February 16, the “Long Live” singer welcomed 96,000 fans to a sold-out stadium in Melbourne. Fans captured the performance on camera, and it’s evident how overwhelmed she is by reaching this significant milestone.

As shown in a video posted to Twitter, she reminded the audience during the Lover portion of the event, “This is the biggest show that we have done on this tour—or any tour I have ever done.” “So, yeah, that’s the version you get of me tonight; the version that’s completely starstruck by the fact that so many of you wanted to hang out with us on a Friday night in Melbourne.”

Then, as the singer gazed in the enormous crowd around her and gave the now-customary ovation that Swifties give her as she sat down at her piano to play “Champagne Problems,” she experienced the whole gamut of emotions.

One attendee, Kiara, recorded the event and posted it on TikTok. In the video, she seemed happy and excited, but also wonderstruck and experiencing all the emotions that go along with it. Tears eventually welled up in her eyes.

For several minutes, Swift’s eyes kept sweeping the stadium as she took it all in, and after a while, she stood up to address the crowd. At last, she said to them, “I love you so much!” “Do you know how nice that is to do for someone?”

Before heading to Sydney for her next run of gigs, which are sure to be to equally enormous sold-out crowds, the touring artist has two more days to take it all in.

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