To know everything about painting, Ms. Sona Samipoخr, owner of Sona Arte brand, explains about painting

The history of the first painting is not known, but the first paintings were found in caves where early humans lived. In fact, painting is one of the ways to express people’s feelings in a non-verbal way, which always has its fans due to its beauty and inherent charm. In our country, since 1949, painting was taught as one of the first fields of art in the university. Until now, the teaching of painting has continued experimentally between teacher and students; After the discipline was introduced academically by the universities, many educational centers still teach painting as a popular art discipline in private courses or in the form of group classes.

Painting is one of those arts that soon found its place among the professions in the field of art as a job. Because the art of painting has many styles, the job of painting is also divided into several branches. Different painting styles include realism and cubism. At the university level, the undergraduate course in painting includes two majors: general painting (small levels) and mural painting (large levels).

Skills and training required for a painter:

All painters, of course, have an artistic taste in the first place and have decided to take the required training courses with this artistic talent. As we mentioned, in addition to the various disciplines of painting, there are various schools, educators and instructors to teach painting techniques and skills. Therefore, a painter can, in addition to having artistic talent and even self-learning, have passed the following courses:

 Principles of painting

Principles of design and black pen

Oil painting training courses and ….

Foundations of Visual Arts

Familiarity with the principles of image printing

A painter’s personality type has virtually all the characteristics of an artist; Introverted, patient and patient. Creativity and imagination is one of the most important personality traits of a person who wants to choose a painting job so that he can create works of art with high intelligence and better ideation.

Expensive painting tools and accessories: In addition to the low and variable income in the painting job, add the high cost of painting tools and accessories. These tools are very expensive as tools for the painter.

High cost of exhibitions: One of the ways to earn money in the painting business is to present works of art in exhibitions and galleries, which often have very high costs. Attending these exhibitions is a challenge for a painter in general who earns variable and often low income.

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